14 Best Companies Like Fingerhut that Give Credit

Surviving in this economy is not an easy task, and maintaining good finances is an even more difficult situation to deal with. However, there are times when you need to make a big purchase but hesitate in doing so because of the fear of giving away a large amount of money at once. This is when companies like Fingerhut save the day. 

Fingerhut lets people follow the policy of buying at the moment they wish to make a purchase and then paying later. This provides people to pay a monthly cost, making the purchase overall more sustainable since a large amount of money is not paid at once. 

However, if you have ever used Fingerhut – you might not always want to use that platform for using the feature of buy now pay later. This may be due to any aspect that this company lacks in or simply the fact that you want a diverse set of options to analyze the companies. 

Hence, in this article, we will be exploring the top 14 best sites like Fingerhut that give credit and why you should consider going for them. But first, let us understand why you would want to explore other options in the first place.

Why should you go for Fingerhut alternatives?

While exploring options in the market simply for the sake of it is not an uncommon activity, there are several valid reasons why you might want to explore a store like Fingerhut today. The biggest reason for this is the additional costs. 

Let us face it – we look for brands like Fingerhut to minimize our costs and for sustainable spending. However, if at the end of the day we have to pay as much as 70 dollars more than what we would have originally paid for a small item – then what is even the point? 

The overpriced structure, mandatory credit check, and overpriced goods are a few of the many reasons why people refrain from going for Fingerhut in the first place. The monthly installments make it easy to pay the bill, there is no doubt about that – but the additional costs somewhat ruin the goal of saving. This is especially important because there are several options available in the market that do not charge as many charges. 

Hence, even though Fingerhut does not charge any annual fees – it is not the most affordable option in the market. This is when the alternatives for this company enter the picture to save the day. Now that we are clear with all the problems with Fingerhut and explored all the possible reasons why you might want to go for the places like Fingerhut, let us now move on to the 14 options you can go for.

14 Best Companies Like Fingerhut

1. Venue

The venue is truly one of the best places to shop like Fingerhut with the finest collection of premium products from brands like Apple, Dyson, PlayStation, Samsung, Nike and so much more. You can find the latest released products from these brands available on the website and get them over a “Buy Now Pay Later” basis. Apart from Fingerhut, there are apps like Klarna and companies like Affirm that provide similar services.

This makes affording to get these products easier for those who do not have the means to pay right at the moment of purchase. Even those with no credit can access buying from this marketplace because of the friendly user interface and access.

2. Country Door

Country Door offers a whole range of furniture, kitchen products, and outdoor supplements through its website. The process of buying now and paying later on the platform is quite simple. You must first begin to open a credit account while you check out with the products(s) that you are willing to get. 

Once you have made this account, a process of approval of whether you are eligible for monthly installments or not will begin. The usual payments are close to $20 on this website, which is a great way to save on your major purchases.

3. Zebit

Zebit with its unique approach to the “buy now, pay later” shopping format lets you shop for products on credit without having to worry over high-interest rates. The absolutely 0% interest policy boasted by Zebit makes it even more popular and reliable with its buyers. 

Heavy and intensive purchases like Televisions or any such gadget are made easier with Zebit’s zero interest policy. Zebit does not care about low credit scores, all the customer has to do is apply and wait to get approved – which is why it is one of the best online shopping sites with credit lines for bad credit. The platform specializes in electronics, fashion, and home décor.

4. Ashro

Ashro is another website offering monthly installments starting as low as $20 to the customer over the purchases made. Users can begin to shop in the “buy now, pay later” format once they get approved by the website for monthly installments. The platform specializes in selling some excellent men’s and women’s fashion that is likely to catch your eye. 

The range of fashion apparel provided is immense and gives the user a greater choice. From high-end fashionable outfits to simple Church friendly attire, you name it, it is all there. The wide range of products makes Ashro the go-to option to stock up on clothing that you like without having to worry about paying for all of it at once.

5. Masseys

Another hub where you can shop for high-quality fashion items is Masseys which also provides the “buy now, pay later” option to the shopper. There is no procedure for filling out an application for the website, but the simple process of opening a credit account in their system will be more than enough. 

However, this account opening is still subject to a final nod from the management. As you build credit while shopping on the website, you will also grow more eligible to make bigger purchases as you proceed further. The major products available here are clothing, shoes, and accessories.

6. LeaseVille

If you are looking for a platform to find all sorts of quality products, then rest easy, for the search is over. LeaseVille is the hub brimming with products from several categories such as fitness equipment, electronics, and furniture, and you can get it all under the exciting “buy now pay later” format. 

The buyer has to apply for the website’s credit line which, if approved, gives them a spending limit of $3500 which they can pay up for in set periodic installments. The website is credited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you can certainly rest assured while you are shopping safely at LeaseVille.

7. Overstock

Overstock is the biggest marketplace for products like furniture, electronics, and home décor that you can stumble on. All the quality products at a “buy now, pay later” function! Choosing the “bill me later” option at the time of checkout means you accept the website’s terms of credit in paying back. 

It is one of the best places you can be to get your hands on some discounted, cheap, and good-quality furniture that will be useful if you are someone looking to furnish and decorate your house.

8. Monroe & Main

Monroe & Main is the fashion hotspot you need to be at if you are looking to buy stuff in the “buy now, pay later” format. The wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and handbags available on the website is simply immaculate. Monthly payments can be as low as $20 so you can easily pay up for the shopping spree you will have on the platform.

9. AfterPay

AfterPay also has its unique way of offering installments to buyers. It has a special schedule to keep track of the amount to pay and in what division to pay it. AfterPay has aimed to divide all the sums into four equal amounts and have them retrieved every two weeks until paid off. There is also no interest attached to the purchases so buyers can rest easy with that. The platforms mostly sell fashion from numerous brands.

10. Seventh Avenue

The path of Seventh Avenue is very similar to Country Door. The payments also begin at as low as $20 every month. As mentioned earlier about the similar checkout process, Seventh Avenue requires you to make a credit account after you have added the products(s) that you would like to get into the cart. 

Once you are approved after a process of eligibility for the installments, you will begin to make the required payments for the products you have purchased. Seventh Avenue offers a variety of products such as home furniture, including bath solutions, beds, patio furniture, electronic gadgets and so much more.

11. FlexShopper

FlexShopper emphasizes the ease of payment they can provide through easily made weekly payments. If you have found products you like from the wide range of over 85,000 products provided by the website and are not in possession of the accurate amounts required for payment, you can sign up to get approved for the “buy now, pay later” scheme. 

This way, you will be able to pay off the purchased products through well-planned and simple weekly installments, rather than monthly payments which are commoners. The products offered on the website are mostly electronics.

12. The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel is a popular hub for products from the fashion, jewelry, and electronics sections. A website is a go-to place when you are looking to indulge in shopping for yourself or someone else. However, if you do not have readily available resources to purchase at the moment, the platform allows you to enroll in its credit program so you can get the products right now and pay in installments that are comfortable for you to put up with.

13. The Swiss Colony

The Swiss Colony is quite different from most options here for it specializes not in selling fashion, electronics, accessories, or home décor, but food items! It is quite rare to find a platform that sells food products in the “buy now, pay later” format. Once you have added the desired items to the cart, all you are required to do is to open a credit line with the website. 

The monthly payment installments are as low as $10 on The Swiss Colony, which is quite reasonable for something like food. The main products sold on the website are confectionary items, candies, gummies, cookies, and kinds of toffee. Apart from that, they also have nuts, sausage, and beef logs you can buy from them.

14. Zzounds

Zzounds is yet another unique online marketplace in this list under the “buy now, pay later” format. Instead of furniture, home décor, accessories, fashion, or even food, the website specializes in selling audio and musical instruments. You can find everything from guitars and drums to bass and DJ equipment on Zzounds. 

Find high-quality audio and music solutions on this website that has a whole range for you to choose from. Musicians, music enthusiasts, and DJs can now afford to invest in the equipment of their choice, thanks to Zzounds. They have a four-payment plan for every purchase that you can sign up for.


Wanting to avail of the services of companies like Fingerhut is a very common phenomenon these days, especially since online money transactions have joined mainstream activities. However, it is also worth noting that several companies might suit your needs and many that won’t. 

Hence, you must assess all the services and features that companies like Fingerhut have to offer and what sets them apart from their competitors in the market today. Hopefully, this article will provide you with everything that you need to know to get credit from Fingerhut like sites.

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