What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Samsung Contacts?

As a Samsung user, you might be wondering what does the blue dot mean on Samsung contacts. But there’s no need to take any stress about it as I wrote this thoroughly researched article about what it means, how to remove that, and so on to help you with this issue.

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Samsuung?

Samsung users can easily relate to this. You may find it complicated as to the denotation of a blue dot that sometimes shows on the icon that represents a person’s name in the text message app.

Basically, it tries to denote that you are allowed to communicate with people through the chat message tool. It is highly possible that a blue dot appears next to the contacts on your phonebook who have successfully enabled RCS. This depends on the type of phone you own.

In the very simplest terms, we can say that a blue dot appears next to contacts in front of the contact who have RCS enabled. If both of your phones work on RCS network infrastructure, then the other person’s contact information will have a blue dot next to it if you are in contact with them.

The chat messaging app on your phone will help you in getting information about which of your contacts in your phonebook have RCS enabled, and it will determine those contacts with a blue dot.

This blue dot also indicates that you are able to send and receive messages with that person through chat mode. Additionally, the blue dot indicates that you are allowed to send and receive big image files and you are allowed to send large video files without uncompressing to the contact marked with a blue dot in your contact list.

So, if you are a Samsung user or any other Android device user and you see a blue dot in front of any contact in your contact list that simply indicates that you can do more than just send and receive a text message by using the conventional format for text messages.

If in case another person is also a Samsung user, then it’s possible that profile sharing mode is enabled, and the dot is representing online updates to both of you. This is the case if the dot represents the online updates required. With all this there are some other features of it too, this will allow you to get the information of when the other person reads your text as well as when they are typing to reply to you.

The following options are available to you if it is not already activated on your device.

  • Go to the Messages page.
  •  To continue, tap on the three dots that appear vertically in the top right corner.
  • Tap on Settings, and select Chat Settings from the menu.
  • Click on the Enable chat functionality toggle button.

After activating it you are able to send messages using both your mobile data plan and Wi-Fi. And you are also able to see when another person is typing, and you can add people to group conversations.

Access to a chat service is prohibited to particular mobile devices, service providers, and carriers; Google’s jibe Mobile is one of the providers that fall into this category.

How to Remove Blue Dot From Contact on Samsung?

Samsung devices also give an option to remove this feature of the blue dot that is located on the contacts icon. Install the application you use for text messages, and then select the menu that looks like three dots in the upper right corners. After that, go to the option and select the advanced messages, and toggle the switch to the OFF position. You will first be informed about the benefits and drawbacks of removing this feature before actually turning it off. And when the blue dot that appears next to the contacts will be removed.

Or, you can follow these instructions below:

  • Tap on the three-dot present in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Click into Settings, then select an option under the Chat menu.
  • To disable chat features, click on it
  • After that, scroll down to the bottom and select the default message
  • Select an option between text and multimedia

Following these steps in a given pattern will help you in turning off the blue dot and will take your permission to the advanced messages. We hope you’re now aware of what does the blue dot mean on Samsung and how can you remove it.

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