What Does PPS 6180 Mean? [PPS 6180 Not Reachable]

If you have ever tried to make a call but were not able to do so because of a PPS 6180 not reachable – it is understandable to feel frustrated. This error makes it clear that the call from your end was not able to get connected to the receiver due to several reasons.

While there are several reasons why this error occurs in the first place, it is first important to understand what PPS6180 means in the first place to identify the root cause of the issue at hand.

Hence in this article, we will understand what the PPS 6180 Not Reachable error is and the various reasons behind its occurrence in the most hassle-free way possible.

PPS 6180: What Does This Error Mean?

There are several circumstances in which the error of number not reachable PPS 6180 pops up, and it is important to understand each one with its meaning to narrow down to the reason that is causing it to occur on your receiver’s end. The reasons generally revolve around the fact that the receiver is in a situation where the call could not be established.

This situation can arise due to several factors. These include being present in an area of low connectivity problems or if the receiver has failed to renew their incoming and outgoing recharge plan. In some cases, if the receiver’s phone is switched off the error of 6180 is indicated too.

In other cases, if the receiver has blocked your number then you get the PPS 6180 not reachable error too. Whether the cause of this error is the receiver’s mobile running out of credits or them blocking your number is for you to conclude.

Causes Behind The Occurrence Of The PPS 6180 Error

Now that we are clear with what the PPS 6180 number not reachable means in various cases, it is now time to jot down the several causes behind its occurrence. Some of the most common reasons why you get to hear the PPS 6180 not reachable error are:

1. Low Connectivity Issues

One of the most common causes of the receiver’s phone being not reachable due to error PPS 6180 is the problem with the connection. There are chances that the person that you are trying to contact is in an area that does not have many decent mobile towers around, which is why the device is not able to receive calls in the first place.

In such cases, your phone or calling device will not be able to establish a call, and in turn, give you a 6180 error saying that the receiver is not reachable.

2. The Phone is Turned Off

Another common cause behind this error is that the person you are trying to connect with has their phone switched off. While it is true that normally the error in such cases that would be communicated to you is that the ‘device is not available, there are times when the error PPS 6180 is established too.

Hence, if you feel that the receiver might have turned their mobile phone off or the battery of their mobile might have died – then you should conclude that this is why the error PPS 6180 is coming up and find some other way to contact them.

3. Mistaken Blocking

There are some cases in which the network service providers block certain callers due to some technical mistakes. Hence, if your number is in the banned phone number list of the receiver’s phone – then you will receive the error PPS 6180 not reachable every time you try calling that person.

4. Disconnected Services

If the receiver has not recharged their account balance for calls or paid their postpaid plans on time, there are chances that the service provider company of their sim card will cut their services for incoming and outgoing calls.

Hence, if you try reaching out to someone who has their calling services suspended, you will generally receive an error of PPS 6180 not reachable. However, the termination of the receiver’s line is not limited to simply not recharging their mobile account balance immediately.

Sometimes, the network providers also suspend calling services (both incoming and outgoing) when there is a long span of inactivity on behalf of the person you are trying to call.

5. Fake Numbers

If you got a call on your device that you were not able to receive, but when you called back the error PPS 6180 not reachable showed up – there are chances that you received a spam call. It could be a spoofed number of some telemarketer or any other fraud.

Using certain software, spammers tend to change their displayed number from a fraud one that seems genuine so that people receive the call. However, since the phone number is not actually what is being displayed to you on the caller id, you cannot connect with them if you try to call back.

6. No Incoming Calls Allowed

While it is true that most 6180 errors arise as a result of the network service provider suspending incoming services, it is also worth noting that some phones deliberately do not allow any incoming calls in the first place.

If you try connecting to such a number, you will be provided with a 6180 PPS error saying that the number is not reachable. Some schools, hospitals, and businesses keep this service to minimize confusion and enhance productivity.


It is understandable to get frustrated when you are presented with the error PPS 6180 when you need to make a call urgently. However, understanding the various reasons behind its occurrence can help you deal with the situation better and come up with solutions and a better way to contact a particular person if calling them is not an option.

In this article, we have tried to focus on various reasons that result in  PPS 6180 not reachable error to come up and what it means in the first place. Hopefully, the next time you come across this error the content of this article will help you identify the problem easily.

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