What Is Com Sec Unifiedwfc? Everything You Need to Know

The com sec unifiedwfc is one of the package name formats used in Android phones as one of the many services provided in such phones. The format usually goes to com.developer.app. Here, the package name represents a service. From Samsung, comes an innovative service of Wi-Fi calling. The SEC means Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd; while unifiedwfc stands for Unified Wi-Fi Calling. 

This app is limited to Samsung phones. People who have used com sec unifiedwfc generally call upon a Wi-Fi connection, without any concern over the carrier used. Such a calling is facilitated over a secure and strong Wi-Fi connection, basically a call over the internet. There are higher chances of being able to connect high-quality calls in the case of internet calls than there are in the case of carrier-based calling. 

Those calling using the Wi-Fi connection experience a better quality in the audio and stability; something not always promised with calling over a cellular network. Additionally, you do not need to pay anything extra for calling over the internet, your internet bills cover that easily. Let us delve into what is com sec unifiedwfc and some additional queries and topics regarding com sec Unifiedwfc.

Can One Be Assured that Com Sec Unifiedwfc is Not Malware?

Although it is common for hackers and scammers to put themselves under the guise of trusted services on the internet, users can surely rest easy in this case. Com Sec Unifiedwfc is a trusted service provided by Samsung to its users; henceforth it is not a scam and is easy to use.

However, if you wish to stop using the service altogether for different purposes, you can simply do so by disabling Wi-Fi calling on your mobile.

Common Issues with the Service

As is often seen in Android-oriented programs and services, this one is not free of bugs and errors either. The app is known to crash without notice and suddenly, which hinders the user’s need to make calls over the internet.

What Causes These Issues?

A few reasons have been identified as causing these glitches or errors; they are as follows-

  • Your device may not be up to date, that is, it must be having an outdated operating system that cannot accommodate up-to-date services, apps, or programs.
  • The Internet is the basic requirement for using such a service and if the user does not have ample Wi-Fi or even cellular data, they cannot make use of the app.
  • Next up is a malfunction in the cache files of the app.

Can These Issues Be Fixed?

Surely, there are troubleshooting measures for the above-mentioned problems as well. Here is a list of methods you can try to resolve those issues. 


These steps will automatically error in the code or any bugs that are present in the app.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open Advanced
  3. Press System Updates
  4. If there are any available updates, your device will install them.


Doing this will let you start fresh. This is also one of the easiest ways to eliminate a bug.


Doing this gives you a proper understanding of the issue you are having. If there is no stable or available internet connection, it is the main issue. If you do have a good connection, you can move forward to identify other issues.


Here are the steps to cleaning the cache that may be overloaded.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Apps & Notifications
  3. Click View All Apps
  4. Find com.sec.unifiedwfc and click on it
  5. Choose Storage and cache
  6. Click on Clear Cache


An overboard solution, but also the last resort. The steps to doing that are mentioned below.

  1. Visit Settings
  2. Click on System
  3. Tap on Advanced
  4. Click Reset options
  5. Tap Erase all data (make sure to migrate important data to another place)
  6. Confirm and wait for the device to restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is COM SEC Unifiedwfc used for?

A. com sec unifiedwfc is a service provided by Samsung to its users. It allows them to make calls without any carrier service and solely over the internet.

2. What is the COM SEC android camera used for?

A. com sec android camera is the package name for the Samsung camera that comes pre-installed into their phones.


This was an overview of the Com Sec Unifiedwfc program available on Samsung phones. It is quite a user-friendly and useful approach to communication. However, it is not free from errors that are almost natural or usual in Android devices. 

This article has properly highlighted the functioning of the com sec unifiedwfc app, the errors involved in the program, the nature of the issues, their causes, and their solutions. We hope this was helpful for the users concerned with the program.

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