What Is s.yimg.com & How To Remove It Easily?

If you regularly browse search engines such as Yahoo!, there is a high chance that you will run into the error of s.yimg.com at some point in time. It generally appears on the bottom of the screen and asks the user to wait while s.yimg.com loads. However, have you ever wondered what is s yimg com? 

Many people are generally concerned as to what it is and how to deal with it. Sometimes, people also treat it as a virus and treat it accordingly. However, before getting rid of it we need to understand what it is and why it occurs in the first place. In this article, we will be touching upon all these aspects.

What is s.yimg.com?

S.yimg.com stands for static.yahooimages.com, and its primary function is to load and deliver static results quickly. If you use google more often, you might have noticed gstatic.com. The s.yimg.com is quite similar to that, and hence the yimg.com what is it is answered. 

While you might hear from many companies that s.yimg.com is malware or a virus, it is not. It is quite safe to have on your device. The people who claim that this domain is a virus generally validate their argument by saying that it is responsible for your website’s loading for an abnormally long time. Although, this is not an accurate answer to what does s yimg com mean. 

The slow speed of website loading should not be blamed on s.yimg.com, since it is not responsible for it at all. You will see the ‘waiting for s.yimg.com’ at the bottom of the screen while searching for something that is taking forever to load on Yahoo! – but there are other factors that cause the website to load slowly, as we will discuss in the next section.

What Causes s.yimg.com to Appear?

If you have some urgent work due, the slow loading of websites adds up to the frustration. On top of that, if the speed of your internet provider is decent – the stress levels grow exponentially. Hence, if you are sure that your internet is not to blame for the static content of any website searched through Yahoo! not loading, then there might be other factors to blame. 

If your screen is displaying the ‘waiting for s.yimg.com at the bottom corner of your screen, these reasons might be behind its occurrence:

  • Issues with the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Issues with the DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Issues with the Flashplayer
  • Issues in loading due to certain ad blockers
  • Issues in loading due to firewall

How to Get Rid of s.yimg.com?

Not that we are clear with what s yimg android is and all the possible reasons behind it, but it is time to move on to see how to get rid of it completely. If you ever face this issue, try out the following solutions to see if the issue gets fixed:

Get Rid of Cookies

Sometimes, stored cookies are to be blamed for the bad functioning of any website. Hence, if you ever face the issue of yimg.com iPhone or android occurring at the bottom of your screen – head over to the lock symbol next to the URL of the website. 

From there, allow cookies if they have been blocked automatically by the system. Additionally, if the cookies have already been allowed on the website you should consider deleting them for this domain. After doing so, the website should load normally. If it does not, then move on to the next set of solutions.

Alter DNS Settings

As mentioned in the list of causes behind the occurrence of s.yimg.com, problems with your DNS system might be the one to blame for this error. To fix it, you should consider making some necessary changes to it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Press “Windows” and “X” on your keyboard together. This will bring up a menu.
  • Click on Command Prompt, and then on the ipconfig/flushdns. Press enter on this option.
  • Once having done the above steps, relaunch your browser. 

If this method does not immediately fix your issue, you can restart your system to allow it to reboot the settings. This solution will help you to flush your DNS system’s cache, allowing the sites to load faster.

Go Incognito

If you are not looking forward to carrying out lengthy solutions and just want it to be temporarily fixed for some urgent work, there is a way to get rid of the slow speed of website loading due to s.yimg.com – that is, going incognito. 

To enter the incognito mode, press the control key, shift key, and the ‘n’ key together at once. You will now enter a new screen that does not store cookies, allowing websites to load faster. However, it is advised to carry out a more effective solution once you get your urgent work done.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is S YIMG COM used for?

Ans. Yahoo search engine uses the S YIMG COM for delivering static content on its website effectively.

2. What does YIMG mean?

Ans. YIMG is an abbreviation for Yahoo Images.


If you carefully follow the solutions presented to you in this article – it will go away in no time. But if you feel that you are not able to carry out the solutions properly if they do not seem to work out for you efficiently, you should not hesitate in reaching out to a professional. 

The expert might guide you on call as to how you can fix it or send a professional to fix it as per your needs and requirements. Usually, this issue does not require immediate professional attention and hence you should refrain from hiring an anti-virus company to deal with this problem alone. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what is s yimg com and how to remove it easily.

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