Best Keyboard for Programming In 2022 – Top 7

Having a good keyboard can be a great asset, particularly for programmers who are always on the lookout for the best keyboard for programming. Programmers who have the best keyboard for programming with macros and hotkeys can reduce their typing time by using a keyboard with macros and hotkeys. This also prevents massive blunders, sometimes keyboard keys are stuck and can’t produce the desired character this in turn won’t let the program run, and programming is all about complexity and time management.

The comfort of programmers does play a role as some like their surroundings to be nice and quiet while they work to focus. Whereas some programmers are drawn to the sound of keystrokes while they type in, both are considerable features of the accords of a programmer. In this article, let us explore the options you can go through to purchase the best keyboard for programming.

1.Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard for Programming

If you’re a programmer who likes it big and flashy while they work then this keyboard may be the best programming keyboard you will come across with high-quality mechanical Cherry MX Brown switches.

The design in itself is unique the walls of the keyboard are in a concave shape which allows programmers with an appropriate hand placement which is comforting while working long hours. The keyboard itself is split into two parts getting used to the design may take some time. One of the basic features is that all keys can be remapped.

You can switch between QWERT or DVORAK style according to your comfort. The keyboard while typing gives a minimal amount of pressure back to rebound your keys, but enough to not slow down your typing speed. While the keyboard takes up a lot of your desk space. it is advisable to arrange your desk accordingly.

2. Kinesis Freestyle Edge Keyboard for Programming

The keyboard comes with a unique split design and is preferred when it comes to gaming and programming as the hand placement on this keyboard is as perfect as one can hope to get. The keyboard comes with fully customizable lighting and is equipped with tactical cherry MX brown switches that offer you the pleasure of working on a keyboard that was meant just for you. These keys are fully programmable and can be used for ultra-fast macro commands, making it the best coding keyboard. The mapping itself is easy and intuitive.

The keyboard comes with a similar actuation force as Kinesis Advantage 2. The keyboard is known for rebounding the keys with the appropriate amount of pressure that in turn enhances your typing speed.

3. Corsair K95 Keyboard for Programming

This aluminium build is equipped with all the necessary tools that a programmer and a gamer would look out for. The keyboard comes equipped with advanced features like N-key rollover and anti-ghosting, plus cherry MX speed silver mechanical switches that offer ultra-short 1.2 mm actuation, this enables the user to work on the keyboard that is made for high-speed complex commanding. Apart from these features, the leys are given individual backlighting with detachable leatherette palm rest to reduce fatigue. This comes in handy for programmers who are constantly on their screens.

The corsair k95 keyboard features a full-size 105-key layout that is programmable. It is considered the best keyboard for coding and gaming as the keyboard offers N-key rollover and anti-ghosting features. This is something that all gamers and programmers will look forward to having as it is no less than perfection for a gamer and a programmer.

4. Mountain Everest Max Mechanical Rbg Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to setting up a keyboard according to your own needs then programmers and gamers both will get excited. The Mountain Everest keyboard allows you to customize almost everything on that keyboard. The keyboard comes with mechanical 3-pin cherry max switches that are swappable. The keyboard is detachable as the media dock and number pad both can be detached and reattached as per one’s need. The only issue some people might find is with base camp software.

The keyboard is also equipped with a display dial that shows the user the CPU/GPU usage. All these features make the keyboard a bit heavy and sturdy. The keyboard is known for its durability, and hence is the best mechanical keyboard for programming.

5. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

When it comes to simple and clean deigning then no one can beat apple. The keyboard comes with built-in apple keycaps and the overall body of the keyboard is thin and light. The rubber dome scissor makes the distance between keys shorter; this enables the users to work on a keyboard that offers low mileage on their hands. Depending on the charge status the keyboard can be used wirelessly and also with wires connected.

The apple magic keyboard does not come with customizable keycaps as apple provides the keyboard with inbuilt keycaps that most third-party keyboard companies don’t offer. Hence, it is the best programming keyboard worthy of your money.

6. Logitech MX

The keyboard offers a wireless experience to the user and all because of its massive battery life, hence considered as the best keyboard for coding. The device can pair with three devices and one can switch between devices by pressing one of the three programming keys. It also comes with hand proximity detection.

The Logitech MX keyboard is not mechanical but comes with rubber dome scissor switches similar to the apple magic keyboard. The keyboard can be paired both with Bluetooth and a USB dongle. The wireless keyboard comes with automatic backlighting that works with proximity detection to preserve the Battery life and offer a longer-lasting battery to the user.

7. Happy Hacking Professional Keyboard for Programming

The keyboard comes with a compact design that uses topre capacitive switches. This offers the user a keyboard with great precision and a tactile feel. The ultra-compact symmetrical 60-key layout concave design reduces the fatigue caused to programmers who are working long hours.

The Topre switches offer a low actuation force and excellent precision with satisfying sound for high-speed complex coding (not the sound part). The keyboard comes with a dip switch so the programmer can manually assign the key functions. Both QWERT AND DVORAK layouts can be used on this keyboard.


The list is formed while keeping in mind the basic necessity of programmers. Not only mechanical keyboards but non-mechanical keyboards are also included in the list for programmers who are not looking for making their setup like a movie set but more like a working setup.

The hand placement and switches for the keyboard are given priority in the list as it helps the programmers with the sense to choose a keyboard that would be in sync with their working habits. With the top 7 options presented to you in this article, we hope that now you will be able to purchase the best keyboard for programming. Additionally, we also have a guide for Best Monitors for Programming that you can check out.

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