7 Best sites to learn Javascript online with Certificate 2022

Becoming a developer has to start somewhere.

sites to learn Javascript online

In the ocean of options available, it becomes hard to make a choice. Right from Python to C, the options are vast. But choosing the best one among them is hard.

If you are looking to start somewhere, that somewhere might be Javascript.

Why Javascript, you might wonder.

Javascript is one of the go-to languages for basically anything. Be it game development, web development, web apps or whatsoever, Javascript is the base recipe.

This article will provide you with 7 best sites to learn Javascript online with certification. Be it Javascript for beginners or intermediate, we have listed down the top 7 websites for learning Javascript Online.

  1. Freecodecamp.org
  2. Codeacademy.com
  3. Udemy.com
  4. Coursera.org
  5. Pluralsight.com
  6. Javascript30.com
  7. Udacity.com

Best sites to learn Javascript online

1 -> Freecodecamp.org

Freecodecamp Javascript course

Freecodecamp is well known for its vast tutorials around coding and has one of the valuable certifications among the options here. This website is backed by an active community that will kickstart your Javascript learning online.

Not only it is free but it will also help you build real-world javascript projects and exercises that will help you land on a developer job. Freecodecamp also has its own forum that is very active & helpful in case you have any doubts or and YouTube channel if you want to expand your learnings to other computer languages.

2 -> Codeacademy.com

Codeacademy is well known for interactive learning, be it at a pro level or the beginners level. Codeacademy covers it all. The option to choose across different levels of skill level and career level makes it stand out as most of the other online learning platform don’t have that option.

The interactive learning and massive popularity of the codeacademy javascript course has got over 5M+ students enrolled. Not just that, this website very popular as it also offers other language such as Java, Git, etc,.

3 -> Udemy.com

Udemy is one of the best places for learning online. Not only for Javascript but for other courses as well. The Javascript course on Udemy provides a depth journey in Javascript covering all aspects.

One of the well known Javascript course by Jonas Schmedtmann has taught over 620,000 students. This course has a perfect mix of both theoritical and practical learning along with lots of coding challenges, coding execersies, real-world projects and exams.

4 -> Coursera.org

While the other options here have private tutors teaching their Javascript skills as courses, Coursera offers full-fledged online Javascript courses from acclaimed universities like Stanford, Imperial College of London and lots more.

Coursera has options for both free and paid online courses for Javascript. These courses not only provide certification but also allows you to display it on your LinkedIn profile at an additional cost.

5 -> Pluralsight.com

Pluralsight is an all-in-one website to learn all the computer languages. Be it courses on web development or mobile development, be it programming languages like Javascript or the frameworks under it, Pluralsight has got them all.

Pluralsight’s recent acquisition of Codeshool has made Javascript learning even easier by taking it to the learning by doing concept. To get started on Pluralsight, you need a membership that gives you access to a vast library.

6 -> Javascript30.com

Javascript 30 site to learn javascript online

Javascript30 is a community driven Javascript tutorial website that caters everyone from the beginners to intermediate developers. The person behind is Wes Bos who’s a well known online educator.

This course specifically focuses on the Vanilla JS language and nothing in framework, compilers, libraries, and boilerplate. This course also has some fun little Javascript projects to interactive lessons.

7 -> Udacity.com

This Online Javascript Certificate program at Udacity tunes a student in all aspects right from Web Development, Server side development to Desktop Development. This takes the learning gradually to the expert level with a great foundation learning.

They also cover React, Vue, Angular and other frameworks throughout the course. This might be a bit advanced for beginners as it covers basics as well as advanced frameworks that might be a bit of a jump for newbies.

Bonus: Mozilla Developer Network

Everyone knows Mozilla as a browser but Mozilla also has their own learning hub for Javascript. They are also one of the very few official sources for any Javascript information.

Unlike other online learning websites, this website doesn’t provide any certificate or interactive learning, but it is one of the website that detailed information with regards to Javascript.

Now that you know the best websites to learn Javascript online, here are a few of the top-rated Javascript courses that might interest you –

That’s it for this article. If you have any other websites that offer Javascript Courses with certification, share them in the comments below.

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