AT&T Care Code 201 LU100: What Is It & How To Fix?

This tech guide will tell you everything you need to know regarding ATT care code 201 LU100 and 3 quick solutions. So keep on reading. 

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications service provider and holds a very prominent presence in American households. However, even though its functionality and services are applauded by users – certain errors can hamper your experience with AT&T. One such issue is the AT&T Care Code 201 Lu100. 

The error of AT&T Care Code 201 LU100 may occur due to a variety of reasons. It makes the simple task of logging in through your email id a lot more difficult than it is supposed to be. In this article, we will be looking at why this error arises in the first place. Additionally, we will also be covering how you can fix it without any hassles. 

Why Does The AT&T Care Code 201 LU100 Occur?

One of the most common reasons behind the 201 lu100 error to occur is that the user has entered the wrong password way too many times. This forces the email id to log out as a security step, and it becomes tough to log in with the AT&T email again. 

Additionally, you may also be experiencing the AT&T Care Code 201 LU100 due to an unidentifiable glitch. This is the most logical explanation when you are certain that you have not entered the wrong password several times to cause this blockage. Whatever the reason, the issue is not very difficult to resolve. 

How To Fix the AT&T Care Code 201 LU100 Error?

Now that we are quite clear with what the AT&T Care Code 201 LU100 error is and the possible causes behind its occurrence, it is now time to move on to the main question – how to go about fixing it. We will talk about three possible solutions, and you can try out either (or all) of them according to your convenience and needs.

Reset AT&T Password

Sometimes, AT&T makes it difficult to log in to your email account even if you enter the correct details. Hence, if you are certain that you remember the correct password and still you are experiencing the error of ‘incorrect password’ popping up – it is best to reset a new password. 

To do this, navigate to the login page of your AT&T email and click on ‘forgot password. After that, follow through with all the instructions and pop-ups that appear on the screen to reset it. Once you follow all the steps correctly, you will be able to get new login information that works within 3 days. 

You may also set up a few security questions to answer in case you forget your password again or are not able to access your email account even with the correct password details. These questions should be general enough for you to remember the answer, but not too easy for anyone else to guess it.

Activate the AT&T Account

Another rookie mistake that is very common amongst new users is not activating their account before logging in to the email. If you have not activated it, do so and then try logging in again. 

The activating process of an AT&T account is fairly easy to be done with. Launch the signup page of AT&T and use the login credentials that have been emailed to you by the company. This login detail is temporary and is supposed to be changed by you once you complete your first login process. 

Next, switch to a new password with this new ID that you possess for AT&T. carefully go through the terms and conditions of the platform before agreeing to it, and then you should be able to log in to your email id easily.

Call The Customer Care

While the above solutions should fix your error of email 201 error, there are cases where you cannot do much to help the situation. In such scenarios, it is best to call the customer care services of AT&T for help and guidance. 

The staff at the customer care services shall guide you to follow certain steps to fix the issue according to the specific problem that you may be going through with your AT&T email account. Follow the troubleshooting methods carefully as instructed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AT&T Care code 201?

Ans. If you enter an incorrect password too many times, the error 201 LU100 arises causing you to not log in to your email. 

2. What is AT&T’s care code?

Ans. AT&T care code implies the fact that you entered an incorrect password way too many times. 

3. What does ATT care code 205.4 mean?

Ans. The ATT care code 205.4 means that your ID is not authorized to target a native application. 

4. What is CARE code 205.2 lu003?

Ans. When your account gets blocked because you logged in with the wrong details several times, it is called the CARE code 205.2 lu003. 


While the solutions mentioned in this article should be enough to get you through the issue of not being able to log in to your AT&T email due to a 201 error, there are chances that nothing might work out for you.

In such cases, it is best to ditch your old email id and make a new one. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what the ATT care code 201 LU100 is and how to fix it easily.

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