Is Verizon Tech Support Call From 800-922-0204 Scam Or Legit?

Verizon users usually receive calls from 800-922-0204 where they get answers to their queries and solutions to technical issues. But over the past few years, many Verizon users have been duped into money scams through this number. This guide will explain how to differentiate between a legitimate and a fake customer care call. 

Several Verizon users have complained about a similar issue where they got a call from 800-922-0204, explaining some irregularities in the billing cycle. Later, a certain amount of money was deducted from their bank accounts. 

If you are receiving any calls like this, first and foremost, never give out any personal details such as social security, address, credit card information, and so on. 

In this article, I am going to talk about Verizon tech support call scam, how to recognize it and the steps you can take to avoid it.

First of all, let’s understand how to identify a genuine Verizon call:

A Genuine Verizon Call: How To Know?

If you’ve been using Verizon services for a long time, it’s not very difficult to differentiate between a genuine and a bogus customer care call: Here is how you can identify it:

  • Verizon operators sound extremely professional, they know their boundaries and have a good sense of talking.
  • They will never ask you to disclose your Verizon password. Instead, they will advise you not to do so on any customer care calls.
  • If there is any overcharged money, the associate will initiate the refund without your interference.
  • They will not ask you to give access to your computer or to download any third-party programs.
  • They will never ask you to reveal your personal details such as an address, social security number, credit card number, and so on. 

Please keep in mind that the refund process at Verizon is completely automated. It’s a rare occurrence that the company overcharges you and even if it does so, your refund will be processed by itself within three business days. 

Is Number 800-922-0204 a Legitimate Customer Care Number?

18009220204 is a customer service number for Verizon in the United States. You can call this number to talk with an associate. If you are a Verizon customer and have queries or concerns regarding your service, You may also be able to find answers to your questions or resolve issues through Verizon tech support.

Sometimes, you might even receive a call from the same number, if there is any technical issue with your service. So, as far as this number is concerned, it’s a 100% genuine Verizon customer support number. 

Then why are people getting scammed after receiving calls from the same? Let’s try to find out. 

Scam Call from 800-922-0204: How to Identify?

Technology is advancing so fast and it’s both beneficial and harmless. Now, it’s easier for cybercriminals to emulate any phone number they want, which means if you are getting a call from 800-922-0204, it’s impossible to identify whether it’s a genuine call from Verizon or a scam. 

However, there are some common traits among many of these scam calls. They follow a certain strategy to make you reveal your sensitive information, enough to steal money from you. It’s unfair to pinpoint, but a majority of these cybercriminals are based in Nigeria, India, and other Southeast Asian countries. Usually, these people work in teams from a call centre or small office with just enough resources to scam people. Their prime target is old retired Americans who have little to no technical knowledge. Naturally, such people are easy to deceive. 

Let’s see how can you find out if something fishy is going on:

  • You may be informed that there was a problem with the billing cycle which resulted in an overcharge on your Verizon account. The representative will offer a refund for the overcharged amount.
  • You may even get an email from a similar address as Verizon, claiming the problems with billing.
  • To verify your account, they will ask you to provide your personal information such as your social security number, personal/alternative phone number, residential address, Verizon account password, credit card number, etc.
  • To continue the refund process, the representative may ask you to download third-party software like TeamViewer, Any Desk, etc. These programs are used to access a computer or smartphone from a remote location. This would allow them to view and control your computer.
  • Next, you may be asked to visit a bogus Verizon webpage in order to request a refund and provide your banking details. Remember while you do this, the associate is watching everything on your screen remotely.
  • The representative, then, may try to change the details of the overcharge and claim that they have refunded you more money than required by mistake. For example, instead of 50, they will make it 500 since it’s an easy mistake, and it appears more believable. They may then attempt to persuade you to transfer the excess refund back to them through a direct deposit or electronic transfer.

Why Is Verizon Calling Me? How to Stay Vigilant?

This is the most important section of this guide. Read carefully to find out how you can avoid getting scammed:

  • Your first indication should be their broken accent. Some of them are trained to speak like Americans, but it’s not difficult to recognize.
  • Always cross-question them. Even if it’s a genuine call from Verizon, you have the right to validate the caller before giving out any information. You can even hang up if you find something suspicious.
  • Pay attention to their words. Usually, they are reading a script from a paper and repeating a few words constantly. They always try to sound calm and persuasive, even if you get irritated or angry.
  • Ask them about your current Verizon plan, validity, and other details. If they fail to answer or try to dodge the question, that’s a red flag.
  • If they offer a refund, tell them that you were offered the same by some other associate or you’ve already received your refund.
  • Pay attention to the people talking nearby the phone. These scammers work in a group and constantly pass information to each other while on the call. If you hear a lot of talking, or whispering, hang up immediately and call Verizon customer care from your phone to identify the previous call. 
  • You can also ask them to transfer the call to their senior associate. It’s possible that the caller will just hand over the phone to the person sitting next to him, but you can notice if there is a difference in their claims.
  • Always remember, these people are not 100% confident as well, so if you play smart, you can bust them easily. In the worst case, just end the call. 


Q. Is this a Verizon number 800.922 0204?

A. While 1-800-922-0204 is the official customer service number for Verizon Wireless, it is possible that scammers may use this number to try and deceive you. 

Q. Who is calling from 8009220204?

A. When you receive a call from Verizon 8009220204, it is possible that the call may be genuine or from a scammer attempting to swindle you. To protect yourself, it is important not to reveal any personal or financial information on these calls under any circumstances. Hang up and contact customer care by calling the helpline or through email. 

Q. How do I contact Verizon customer service by phone?

A. If you feel something fishy, you can disconnect the call you received from 18009220204, and try to contact Verizon on these numbers:

  • National Accessibility – 888-262-1999
  • Verizon 24/7 helpline – 888-294-6804
  • Verizon Business – 800-465-4054
  • Verizon Sales – 800-225-5499

Q. Does Verizon ask for a social security number?

A. No, a Verizon representative will never ask you for your social security number or any other sensitive information for that matter. If you receive a call from 800-922-0204, you only need to provide the last 4 digits of your credit card number to confirm your identity. 

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