Why Am I Receiving Text from 6245? 6245 Text Code Meaning 

Lately, several people using Verizon have been receiving text messages from a number that goes like 6245. It has become a cause of concern and alarm in the users since they do not understand or know the source of these texts, and certainly not as to who exactly sends these texts from this number. Hence, a text from 6245 might end up freaking one out. 

However, they need not be worried. In this article, we will be talking about texts from 6245 and all related to it. 

What is the 6245 Number Text?

As mentioned before, text messages from 6245 or a 6245 text code are received by Verizon users. Verizon owns the 6245 area code and thus is the source from where text messages with this area code are sent. 

This shortcode is one of the several such codes that are specially designed for high throughput and two-way messaging; most probably to exchange SMS and MMS between mobile phones. Earlier, it was believed that the number is no other than a scammer while it is just Verizon. 

The company uses the 6245 short code as the code for their mail service. Verizon users can use their phones to directly email those around them. They need to know their phone numbers to send emails in the form of texts by using the 6245 shortcodes. Most companies use shortcodes to reach out to a larger audience, something that would not have been possible for longer than a phone number. The owners of shortcodes can be identified by looking them up in the US Short Code Directory.

Why Are You Receiving These Texts?

Let us move forward to understand why you may be receiving a text message from 6245. What happens is that the messages in a Verizon user’s phone are received and sent with this code as the sender. Texts are received by the users on their phones rather than on their phone lines. 

This user-friendly way of sending and receiving emails is very helpful. Those who do not know the email addresses of the people they wish to message but know their phone numbers will find this a simple and easy alternative. Users may receive important texts from close relatives or family through this code.

Are You Receiving Spam or Scam Messages?

Anyone who has access to your Verizon phone number will be able to end your messages through the 6245 text code. This means the line is open not only to messages from relatives, families, and friends but also strangers, scammers, and spammers. 

It is highly recommended to not respond to texts from people you do not know or whose numbers you do not recognize as that of someone you know.

How to Identify Potential Scammers Through These Texts

Users may receive messages through this code that are of an unknown identity asking for their details for baseless reasons. In most cases, these are hackers attempting to steal information only to sell it somewhere else to earn profits. Thus, you need to refrain from responding to these messages to keep yourself safe. It is much better than falling victim to a cheap trick by a hacker.

Is It Possible to not Receive Texts from 6245?

Users complain about the troublesome nature of some of the messages they receive with the text code 6245. Some of them are intrusive, some are offensive and some may even be categorized as containing NSFW content. 

It is only natural they will want to stop receiving these messages altogether. Here is a simple process of removing your signed-in emails and adding them all over again to curb these messages:

  • Open the Email app
  • Select the Menu
  • Choose one of the Email accounts you have saved or signed into
  • Click on remove account
  • Confirm by pressing “ok”
  • Repeat this process for all other saved or signed-in email accounts.
  • Now, follow the steps given below to add your email addresses again-
  • Click on “add account”
  • Select “others”
  • Enter the email address and the password. 

Apart from this, it has been found out by a user that you can also text “Block 6245” to the number 9999, which is a number through which you can also block certain individual numbers and addresses by texting them on it. Additionally, you may also try to message the “STOP” text to 6245 to stop the messages from coming to you. It is also a trick that works well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a text message from 6245?

A. 6245 is just a generic number that shows up on mobile phones when a text message is received.

2. Who is sending a text from 6245?

A. 6245 is a simple service for Verizon users that allows them to send emails and texts using the recipient’s phone number.

3. How do I stop texts from 6245?

A. You can stop texts from 6245 by messaging “block 6245” to 9999 or try removing and re-adding all the saved email addresses on the phone. You can also message “STOP” to 6245.


Given the problematic nature of some of the texts received through the shortcode 6245, it is making cellular service a disappointment for the users. While the shortcode connects the users of Verizon in more ways than one, it is also making messages a hassle for them. 

Most users do not know why they receive these messages; others do not know who sends them, even. This article attempted to explain to the users what exactly is going on when they receive a text from 6245 along with telling them how they can stop receiving these messages all at once and at all if they find them too bothering; while also highlighting the mechanism of working of shortcodes that are owned by companies.

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