7 Best LeetCode Alternatives & Websites Like LeetCode In 2022

LeetCode is one of the top websites on which you can practice coding. But, it has some limitations that make it difficult for newbies to learn coding from it. Hence, we have listed some Leetcode alternatives which will be helpful for students and professionals alike.

1. HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform for the competitive programming community. It’s both a tool for programmers to practice and learn, as well as an online competition where users can compete in solving challenges.

HackerRank hosts a large pool of user-submitted problems and has a large community of programmers who contribute code to these challenges. Users are also able to provide feedback on the code that other people submit, giving them a chance to learn from each others’ workflows and techniques.

2. HackerEarth

HackerEarth is a platform for hiring, learning, and building communities around technology. It’s also a job portal for developers. HackerEarth has multiple features that make it an excellent alternative to LeetCode.

First of all, HackerEarth is one of the best ways for developers to get hired. The platform provides you with a list of companies that are looking for talent and allows you to apply directly from your profile page on the website. Another advantage of using HackerEarth is that it gives you access to various developer communities where people can discuss topics related to different technical domains, such as front-end development, back-end development, or mobile app development among others

3. CodeChef

CodeChef is a website that offers competitive programming challenges. The site has a large community of developers who are actively solving problems on the site. CodeChef is free to join and free to use, and it offers both paid and unpaid competitions for people who want to take their skills to the next level.

The best thing about CodeChef is that there are great resources available for users with varying levels of experience—beginners can start with tutorials, while experienced coders can check out one of its many contests or enter one of its regular competitions where they can compete against other programmers from around the world!

4. GeeksForGeeks

GeeksforGeeks is a programming community website that helps developers learn computer science and programming. It offers a wide range of articles on different programming languages like Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, etc.

The site has tutorials on both beginner and advanced levels and also has some interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. GeeksForGeeks is one of the best LeetCode alternatives you can find online.


SPOJ is a programming website and a platform for competitive programming. SPOJ is a website like LeetCode and it has over 1.5 million members who practice coding questions on the site regularly.

SPOJ is one of the best alternatives to LeetCode in 2022 because it allows you to solve problems, get feedback on your solution, track your progress and compare yourself with other programmers around the world.

SPOJ’s test series consists of more than 250 practice problems that cover numerous topics including Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Computer Graphics etc., which are presented as an online coding challenge (similar to hackerrank).

6. TopCoder

TopCoder is a website that provides a platform for coders to compete with each other and improve their skills. TopCoder was founded in 2000, and it has grown into one of the most popular websites for competitive coding.

TopCoder has a community of over 1.5 million members who join the site to practice their algorithms and learn from others’ code. The goal is to become part of the TopCoder community and make yourself stand out as one of the best programmers in your field by solving increasingly difficult challenges set by their sponsors (companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft etc.)

7. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a programming community that offers a variety of challenges to help you improve your coding skills. You can compete with other coders and learn from them, or use their site as a place to practice your coding skills by solving challenges.

Coderbyte’s main page features different challenges for you to try out, including problems like “Write an app that displays the current weather,” “Write an app which calculates the area of circles,” or even “Build an app that displays top news stories from Github.” These are all great ways for beginners who are just learning how to code, as well as more experienced programmers who want something new and interesting!


We hope you found this article helpful in finding a Leetcode alternative that meets your needs. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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