Roblox Password Guessing with Common List, Tips and Tricks

roblox password guessing Guide

Roblox is a gaming platform where users can not only ‘Play games‘ but ‘Create games‘ as well. How cool is that! The best and most interesting part is while listing the most popular games, it does not consider whether the game has been created by a developer or its user. The users of this app use a technique called Roblox Password Guessing either to gain unauthorised access or recover their account. This technique has created a lot of controversy on the ‘Roblox’ app.

To know more about it, stay tuned. We will tell you some ‘Tips and Tricks’ to prevent ‘Roblox password guessing’ on your account so that no hacker is able to hack your account.

What is Roblox?

Launched in 2007, Roblox has been one of the favourite gaming platforms for gamers. It has more than 115M monthly active users. Its worldwide popularity has also attracted hackers towards it. To prevent your Roblox account from getting hacked, we will tell you tricks to do the same.

roblox password guessing

What is Roblox Password Guessing?

To gain access to someone else’s account, the ‘Roblox Password Guessing’ technique is used. The process of ‘recovering passwords’ from a set of data is called ‘Password Guessing’, also known as “PG-ing.” 

A commonly used method, called ‘Brute- Forcing’ is to guess the password again and again until it is verified against the hash of passwords.

If this does not work for you, don’t worry. We have listed a few more techniques for the same and they are as follows-

What is the purpose of password guessing (pg-ing)?

Basically, there are two purposes of pg-ing or password guessing-

  • To gain ‘Unauthorized Access’ to someones else’s account.
  • To help a user ‘Recover a forgotten password.’

There are some accounts on the Roblox app that do not belong to the guesser. People looking for shortcuts try to hack accounts of popular creators and players to either revamp or steal their Roblox items. So this technique, that is pg-ing is used to acquire such accounts. Some jealous creators too try this technique to ban the account of their rivals. If other users use this technique on other accounts, this app bans that account. Also, one needs to prove his/ her identity after logging in to their account that has been inactive for a certain period of time otherwise Roblox deletes their account if they are not able to prove their original identity.

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Who are the common targets of Roblox password guessing?

Since its release, this unjust technique has been in practice. PG-er’s attack a similar set or certain group of users and their common targets are as follows-

  • Roblox Admins
  • Well known game developers
  • Popular YouTubers
  • Roblox Video Stars Program Users
  • Clothing designers that are popular
  • Special ID numbers users
  • Users having a lot of rare items.
  • Old users.

To safeguard your account, you must keep a strong password and follow safety measures so that your account does not get hacked.

How is Roblox password guessing done?

Methods used by hackers to do pg-ing are as follows-

Method 1: Malware/Spyware

This method is used by professional and skilled hackers. They use this method to steal passwords. What they do is create spyware and inject that into the system of ‘Roblox’ users. They achieve this using evil-intentioned links, software or files. The spyware sends sensitive information to the attackers after gaining it.

Method 2: Social engineering

In this method, all the important information is collected using the social media sites of the victim user. For example, victim’s email-id passwords, date of birth, name of parents, sibling or boyfriend or girlfriend. Tools like ‘Dictionary attack software’, or  ‘Rainbow table’ are used by the attackers to know the password of the ‘Roblox’ victim user.

Method 3: Phishing

Attackers use this method to trap innocent users by sending them fake emails asking them about their password, the place they are living in, their credit card details, etc. which actually look real but are not in reality. Those emails contain phishing links. So one should be aware of such scammers.

Common Passwords on Roblox in 2022

Hackers either make a video or publish it on their website whenever they hack anything. So here’s a list of passwords that you should never be using and if you have any of these passwords, we would advise you to change them immediately.

  • 12345678
  •  new123456
  • passwordless
  • dragonballz
  • 1231234
  • funky
  • baseballs
  • abc123
  • tiger
  • letmego
  • 969696
  • meltdown
  • opmaster
  • 999999
  • zxcvbnm
  • asdfgh
  • hunter
  • buster
  • soccer
  • harley
  • batman
  • andrew
  • powerranger
  • thesimpson
  • ginger
  • princess
  • cheese
  • amanda
  • losangeles
  • justin
  • matrix
  • secretpass
  • dallas
  • austin
  • joshua
  • justyouandme
  • gotohere
  • yomommy
  • gamegirl
  • freedom
  • 777777
  • 159753
  • klaster
  • 112233
  • shadowless
  • mastermind
  • 166166166
  • courageous
  • 12c33c21
  • mustangwill
  • playsafe
  • michaeljack
  • crudewords
  • george
  • asshole
  • computer
  • michelle
  • jessica
  • peppersalt
  • president
  • starwars
  • love
  • winter
  • hollywood
  • tigger
  • sunshine
  • iloveyou
WARNING- Check the passwords given above carefully and if your password is similar to any of these, then kindly change it as soon as possible.

How to prevent roblox password guessing to keep an account safe?

Not every attacker or hacker aims at famous user accounts. They can attack any user and you can be next. This is not to scare you but to make you aware and alert.

Here are the ways which will help you to prevent ‘Roblox password guessing to keep your account safe?’

  • For your Roblox account, enable ‘two factor authentication.’
  • Use a complicated and twisted password with numbers, special symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Also, keep in mind not to include any of your private information in your password and not to use any of the password mentioned above.
  • Enable account pin for ‘Roblox’.
  • Verify your e-mail with ‘Roblox’.
  • To know how strong your password is, use tools like ‘How strong your password is’. If this tool finds out that your password is weak, change it without giving it a single thought.
  • We have an interesting technique for you if you can think of a strong password. You can convert a sentence into an abbreviation. For example- Monica and Siya are best friends as they enjoy their company. Now you can convert this sentence into an abbreviation, that is (‘MSabfatetc’). How cool is this! You just have to remember the sentence and they are quite easy to remember.
  • Never keep the password of your ‘Roblox’ account similar to the password of your e-mail id or any other social media site or website. Be careful while setting your password for your ‘Roblox’ id.
  • Never share your ‘Roblox’ passwords with anyone. Privacy is extremely important. You never know when your friend turns into your foe and shows his/her true colours.
  • Use a decent password manager.

Follow all the measures given above and we assure you that your account will be safe and won’t be hacked.


All you have to do is be alert. With the number of internet users increasing with each passing day, the number of hackers is increasing too. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while carrying out any activity online. And as far as this game is concerned, simply follow the above steps and enjoy your game without any tension. If you are still sceptic about something related to this topic, feel free to leave your question or doubt in the comment box. You will get your answer in no time. We hope this article helped you.

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