The Best GTA 5 Mods In 2023 You Need To Install

GTA 5 modding allows you to customize various aspects of the game, such as visuals, mechanics, etc. Not only it extends the game’s replayability but also provides fresh content, new gameplay experiences, and personalization. 

GTA 5 mods have become increasingly popular in the last few years. The game features an open-world structure, which makes it extremely easy to customize and modify. There are thousands of communities working constantly, sharing their creativity to enhance the gaming experience for GTA 5 players across the world.

Join me as I mention everything you need to know regarding mods in GTA 5. This will include the steps for downloading and installing mods, as well as the top three mods for GTA 5 in 2023.

Let’s get going. 

GTA 5 Mods: What Must You Know?

GTA 5 mods are unofficial programs that you can use to enhance the gameplay through several modifications. These programs can read the game’s source code and give you one-click customization options for numerous settings. 

Although Rockstar does not welcome the use of mods, players are still hooked to them as it allows them to experience new ways to enhance the gameplay and make it more competitive. 

With GTA 5 mods, you can personalize in-game settings, characters, graphics, and much more. Here is a list of things you can do with mods:

  • Add New Components: GTA 5 modes allow users to add new vehicles, characters, weapons, missions,  and even entire game worlds to GTA 5. It gives an opportunity to experience entirely new gameplay and adds to the excitement.
  • Modify Gameplay: Mods can alter the game’s mechanics, adding new features like game speed-up, parkour, advanced vehicle handling, game environment (day/night), and more. You can also change the game mode and turn it into survival mode.
  • Customize visuals: You can also modify graphics, adding new textures, color schemes, visual details, lighting effects, and other enhancements to improve the game’s appearance.
  • Personalize character appearance: With mods, you can customize their in-game characters’ appearance, changing their clothing, hairstyles, and other physical attributes. Usually, these settings are unlocked in the normal game and require you to purchase the in-game currency to apply modifications.
  • Enhance multiplayer experience: Although I don’t advise using mods for a multiplayer game, mods can add new game modes or features like custom races, deathmatches, or even whole new game worlds for players to explore. This can give you a significant advantage over your opponents while playing an online multiplayer game. 

What is GTA 5 Modded Account

A GTA 5 modded account is an upgraded basic account with desired modifications, providing players an advantage over seasoned players. These accounts are customized using mods and tricks and contain abundant in-game currency, unlocked items, characters, tricks, and other alterations not typically present in the game.

Several GTA users have started selling modded accounts, which offer a significant advantage during multiplayer gaming. However, it is important to note that using modded accounts is unethical and violates the game’s terms of service. You may lose your GTA account or be permanently banned if found using (during the online multiplayer game). 

Top 3 GTA 5 Mods

1. Script Hook V

Developed by Alexander Blade, Script Hook V is one of the most popular GTA 5 mods for PC. It allows developers to read the source code, add new features, modify the game’s mechanism, and create custom modes for single-player gaming. 

However, like any other mods, Rockstar Games do not officially support Script Hook V and its use in the game’s online multiplayer mode is strictly prohibited. To avoid getting an account suspension, it’s advisable to use a throwaway account. Moreover, its usage comes with a certain amount of risk, as it might stop working properly as you install updates to the game. 

Here is the installation video tutorial:

2. Complex Control

The next one is my personal favorite mod – Complex Control which can completely redefine how you play GTA 5. With this mod, you can introduce Battle Royale Mechanics, which is extremely popular in PUBG and Fortnite, to GTA 5 and add a new layer of excitement. If you enjoy playing these two games, Complex Control is a must-try mod. 

The installation process for Complex control is a bit tricky as you need Script Hook V, Script Hook V.NET, and OpenIV installed on their PC beforehand. You can reach out to the mod’s community and ask for download instructions from other members. 

  • Incorporates factors such as weight distribution, tire grip, and suspension to influence the handling of vehicles.
  • Allows you to choose from over 100 new characters’ skins 
  • Brings new physical abilities to characters 
  • Allows you to control a few graphics components of the game, making it look more realistic. 
  • Introduces an imaging system that impacts the car’s performance and appearance, making collisions and crashes more realistic.
  • Modify the game’s physics settings as per their preferences.
  • Adjust the car’s weight distribution, suspension stiffness, and tire grip, among others.

Check out this video to find out more about GTA 5 Battle Royale:

3. NaturalVision Remastered

If game aesthetics matter to you, NaturalVision Remastered is the right GTA 5 mod for you. This moc can significantly overhaul the game’s graphics, making it more immersive and visually stunning. 

To use NaturalVision, you must have Script Hook V and OpenIV running on your PC. After acquiring the mod files from a modding website, You just need to extract them and use OpenIV to substitute the game’s original files with the modified files. Once the process is done, you will be able to transform the game’s appearance and give it a nearly 4K touch.

Here is a download guide: 

  • Enhances the game’s lighting, weather effects, and textures, resulting in a more realistic and immersive environment.
  • Adds new textures for vegetation, terrain, and buildings and improves the game’s water reflections and weather effects.
  • Introduces additional features like depth of field effects, lens flare, and bloom effects to enhance the game’s visual appeal further.
  • Provides customization options to modify the game’s graphics settings.
  • Allows you to adjust ambient lighting, shadow quality, and other graphics settings as per your preferences.

Final Word

GTA 5 modding can bring a fresh perspective to your gaming experience, but there is a risk involved. The game’s developers don’t condone modding or altering the game’s source code. However, modding is allowed in single-player mode.

If you’re interested in exploring more GTA 5 mods, there are several websites to visit, such as Nexus Mods or

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